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Update Files

Here is a list of updated files / Eine Liste der Dateien die aktualisiert wurde.
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Campaign  Folder Filename
February 2020    
FIW to AWI logcabins Ron´s Remix
WW2 4 Chateau Saint Marie 9_new, 10_new
WW2_5 Horsabridge Bridge1 - 3
WW2_5  Cars  all BMW
January 2020    
WW2 4th edition Hotel/restaurant roof_center, roof_left
WW2 5th edition Hunsrueck shed_roof
WW2 5th edition Watertower files dated Jan. 25
WW2 4th edition factory factory5.stl
WW2 5th edition cars bmw.stl
October 2019    
ACW Gettysburg trostle_roof
Arabic2018 Palace roof2_A, B, C, D
September 2019    
Arabic2018 Palace pillar, ground2, 4, 5, 7    date 11. sep.
August 2019    
FIW to AWI Fort files with date Aug.29 -2019
FIW to AWI Fort gate
Medieval War of the Roses inn_roof (all roofparts)
July 2019    
Medieval War of Roses Farmhouse shed + roof
June 2019    
Medieval Artillery/Siege trebuchet
Medieval Tents/fieldworks tent7 + tent8
May 2019    
LaHayeSainte divided 28 / 22 mm Newest Files with (2)
Medieval Medieval Town Newest Files with (2)
WW2 2nd edition Bocage bocageend**.stl
WW2 1st edition Normandy Harbour House_roof.stl
April 2019    
WW2 3rd edition Trainstation buildings Locomotive Hall newest files
Dark Ages Monastery Archway 1 + 2, gatehouse stairs
Dark Ages Saxon Longhouse new files (2)
March 2019    
Dark Ages Ships longships with shields
Dark Ages Saxon house1_roof,house2_roof,house3_roof,
WW2 1st edition Church church3.stl    06 march
February 2019    
WW2 1st edition leopold leopold2.stl, leopold3.stl
WW2 3rd edition Train destroyed wagons
January 2019    
ww2 3rd edition Ramelle bridgewall.stl Jan 28
ww2 3rd edition Train buildings files from 24.Jan
ww2 Kriegskutter + Uboat guns
WW2 2nd edition Beachvillas newest files
WW2 3rd edition Windmill newest files
WW2 3rd edition Trench System newest files
WW2 3rd edition Tracks newest files
WW2 2nd edition Church newest files
WW2 3rd edition Train locomotive.stl
WW2 2nd edition Red October look to newest files
WW2 2nd edition POW Camp look to newest files
WW2 2nd edition Dutch Farm look to newest files
November 2018    
WW2_2 Pacific Huts Folder Ron´s Modification
WW2_2 Camp look for files newest date
WW2_1 Berlin houses look for files newest date
WW2_2 Benouville Church look for files newest date
Normandy Farmstead look for files newest date
Normandy Townhouses look for files newest date
Arabic 2018 Black Hawk look for files newest date
Normandy Windmill look for files newest date
WW2_2 Redoctober intact look for files newest date
-------------------------- ------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
WW2_1 berlinhouses_destroyed complete Folder groundfloor_divided
all stls SEP-24-2018
WW2_1 birds JU52 files Sep-13-2018
WW2_1 church church1.stl Sep-12-2018
WW2_1 jungle_outpost roof.stl Sep-11-2018
WW2_1 Leopold leopold_1.stl Sep-05-2018
WW2_1 uboat tower.stl Sep-09-2018
WW2_1 timbered barn_2.stl,barn_2_roof.stl Aug-31-2018
WW2_1 landing crafts lca.stl,lca_door.stl Aug-31-2018
WW2_1 pillboxes pb_3_roof.stl Aug-31-2018
WW2_1 jungle_outpost house.stl, house_platform.stl Aug-30-2018
WW2_1 factory gate_left_side.stl, gate.stl, chimney.stl Aug.-29-2018
Normandy destroyed houses rubble files dated Aug.-19-2018
Arabic 2018 Palace complete folder alternative_1st_storey Aug-16-2018
Arabic2018 Afghan buildings house4_roofgroundfloor.stl August-07-2018
Arabic 2018 Government, Afghan buildings, Checkpoint stls from
August-05-2018 + August-06-2018
Arabic 2018 planes both Learjet files (July-28-2018)
Normandy Pegasus Bridge part5.stl
Rome Court court1 - 3 . stl
Arabic 2017 mosque all files recreated
Arabic 2017 fort fort_wall_destroyed recreated
Arabic 2017 buildings_2_storey all stl-files recreated
Arabic 2017
buildings_1_storey house1 - 9 .stl / recreated
Rome markethall tables_flatprint_no_supports.stl
FIW Iroqois_Longhouse longhouse.stl
Rome Forum obelisk.stl
Japan/China Rural_China house1.stl, house2.stl repaired
Rome Limes ladder.stl
Japan/China Bathhouse New files
Japan/China Warehouses New Files
Japan/China Rural_China roof.stl
Rome Houses Complete house-sets
Rome Townhouses + Insula stairs.stl
Rome Circus New Straight sections, some changes. Please download all stl files with date 17.02.2018
FIW William Henry doorsection(2).stl
Age of Pirates Fortification wall_cutted_to_half.stl
Normandy Ouistreham lighthouse all ***hollow.stl
Cold War Factory factory_roof_with_window.stl
Italy/Spain Rural_Buildings barn_roof.stl
Cold War Old Trainstation Complete new folder
WildWest Bank Changed files date 23.Nov2017
Stelt for Walkway 1st floor, 1st floor separated in single parts
FIW to AWI Plantation plantation_veranda_1stfloor_print_2.stl
Normandy PegsusBridge part12_print_2_times.stl
FIW to AWI PlantationMansion 
Ages of Pirates TradePost 3_tradepost_1st_floor_reduced.stl
FIW to AWI PlantationMansion  plantation_part4_open_door
FIW to AWI PlantationMansion  plantation_part4.stl
FIW to AWI Williamsburg Cellar_door.stl
Wild West Church 1_church_roof_flat_cut.stl
1_church_altar (2).stl
FIW to AWI Williamsburg house2_groundfloor_without_left_window.stl
Age of Pirates Huts hut3.stl