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Update Files

Here is a list of updated files / Eine Liste der Dateien die aktualisiert wurde.
Please download from your Cloudlink / Bitte aus der Cloud herunterladen.
Campaign  Folder Filename
WW2_1 berlinhouses_destroyed complete Folder groundfloor_divided
all stls SEP-24-2018
WW2_1 birds JU52 files Sep-13-2018
WW2_1 church church1.stl Sep-12-2018
WW2_1 jungle_outpost roof.stl Sep-11-2018
WW2_1 Leopold leopold_1.stl Sep-05-2018
WW2_1 uboat tower.stl Sep-09-2018
WW2_1 timbered barn_2.stl,barn_2_roof.stl Aug-31-2018
WW2_1 landing crafts lca.stl,lca_door.stl Aug-31-2018
WW2_1 pillboxes pb_3_roof.stl Aug-31-2018
WW2_1 jungle_outpost house.stl, house_platform.stl Aug-30-2018
WW2_1 factory gate_left_side.stl, gate.stl, chimney.stl Aug.-29-2018
Normandy destroyed houses rubble files dated Aug.-19-2018
Arabic 2018 Palace complete folder alternative_1st_storey Aug-16-2018
Arabic2018 Afghan buildings house4_roofgroundfloor.stl August-07-2018
Arabic 2018 Government, Afghan buildings, Checkpoint stls from
August-05-2018 + August-06-2018
Arabic 2018 planes both Learjet files (July-28-2018)
Normandy Pegasus Bridge part5.stl
Rome Court court1 - 3 . stl
Arabic 2017 mosque all files recreated
Arabic 2017 fort fort_wall_destroyed recreated
Arabic 2017 buildings_2_storey all stl-files recreated
Arabic 2017
buildings_1_storey house1 - 9 .stl / recreated
Rome markethall tables_flatprint_no_supports.stl
FIW Iroqois_Longhouse longhouse.stl
Rome Forum obelisk.stl
Japan/China Rural_China house1.stl, house2.stl repaired
Rome Limes ladder.stl
Japan/China Bathhouse New files
Japan/China Warehouses New Files
Japan/China Rural_China roof.stl
Rome Houses Complete house-sets
Rome Townhouses + Insula stairs.stl
Rome Circus New Straight sections, some changes. Please download all stl files with date 17.02.2018
FIW William Henry doorsection(2).stl
Age of Pirates Fortification wall_cutted_to_half.stl
Normandy Ouistreham lighthouse all ***hollow.stl
Cold War Factory factory_roof_with_window.stl
Italy/Spain Rural_Buildings barn_roof.stl
Cold War Old Trainstation Complete new folder
WildWest Bank Changed files date 23.Nov2017
Stelt for Walkway 1st floor, 1st floor separated in single parts
FIW to AWI Plantation plantation_veranda_1stfloor_print_2.stl
Normandy PegsusBridge part12_print_2_times.stl
FIW to AWI PlantationMansion 
Ages of Pirates TradePost 3_tradepost_1st_floor_reduced.stl
FIW to AWI PlantationMansion  plantation_part4_open_door
FIW to AWI PlantationMansion  plantation_part4.stl
FIW to AWI Williamsburg Cellar_door.stl
Wild West Church 1_church_roof_flat_cut.stl
1_church_altar (2).stl
FIW to AWI Williamsburg house2_groundfloor_without_left_window.stl
Age of Pirates Huts hut3.stl




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